I am a natural light photographer. I am based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I love photographing people in nature, natural light studios/spaces and specialize in capturing candid moments. I strive to help people feel and look their best by using natural light in a super relaxed setting. Photos are a (literal) reflection of us – so they should be WOW. People have described our sessions as “laidback, relaxed and fun”. I want you to LOVE your photos and the experience! My best compliment yet “Thank you for helping me to have a nice smile versus my normal constipated smile in photos.” 

Cincinnati Family, Wedding & Headshot Photographer

"You are truly magic!"

Family Photography, Family of five posing along a rail.
Wedding Photographer, Same sex couple sitting on stairs.

"Photos convey emotions that words can't"

Headshot Photographer, Man wearing blue shirt with hands in his pockets.
Headshot Photographer, Woman in suit leaning against a blue wall.


Photos preserve little moments of time that make you smile. 

"These are amazing, thank you so much!!! Did you slim me down??"

Answer: I did not - positioning and clothing makes a huge difference!

"You don't take a photo, you make it"
-Ansel Adams

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"I am so in love! Your work is amazing - So many choices - I have had trouble Deciding! ha!"

Family, Wedding & Headshot Photography in the Cincinnati Area