About ME

Hello! I am a natural light Photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana and serve the surrounding areas. I started in Photography at the age of 10 in 4-H growing up in Columbus, Indiana and I haven’t stopped since! I am an award winning and multi published photographer – which is great and all but most importantly I consider my love language to be taking photos!

While editing I’m usually with my assistants (3 grey cats) Monty, Berkley and Nigel.  I also like to have reruns of Frasier on.  I love baking and then giving away the baked goods!  I have been told I make the BEST banana muffins.  I love animals and encourage them to be in photos!

Be advised- I will be talking to your pets more than the people. I am married to an AMAZING Abstract Artist from New Jersey. We met via our IG art accounts in 2017. It’s a crazy fun story! I will most likely be playing Sia – Unstoppable on my drive to the shoot (every time). 

"I love photographing people that don't like their photos taken (samesies) it's my personal goal for them to love their photos."